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Harambe Canada is nonprofit civil society
organization created in 2011, under the leadership of Martin Alongamoh. A Co-founder who served as President at the Cameroonian Community in the Greater Toronto Area. It has been endoresed by GTA Mayors, with the Initiatives; Logic and ability to
think on how to protect communities against discrimination,oppression and inhuman treatments.

We remain a non-profit, multi-service agency at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area addressing needs
and empowering children, youth, newcomers, address homeless and underserved communities to build a better community and a better nation.   


We work in inter-generational partnerships to support young people to put their ideas for improving themselves, their peers and their communities into action. We design programs and facilitation to run conferences, events, youth groups, advisories and skill building opportunities. We work to deliver these programs through our youth-adult partnerships in a network of organizations across Canada. This Youth-Adult Partnership Network Includes youth, adult allies and grassroots organizations in local communities who support youth to thrive. 

We educated youths on the Ontario Human Rights Code (“the Code”). The Code protects people if they experience discrimination connected to/of “grounds” and “social areas”.

Being treated unfairly or unequally because of other people in your life is discrimination if the other people are identified by one of the grounds in the Code. For example, a landlord cannot refuse to rent you an apartment because your parents are from a different country (“place of origin”) or because of the “gender identity” of your girl-/boy-friend/partner. Schools can not refused registration or badly treat a student because of their origin. 

We are grounded in the principles of network leadership (Wei-Skillern, Ehrlichman, and Sawyer (2015):

  1. Trust not control… Diverse actors invest resources into building long-term relation
  2. Humility not brand…Network leaders are largely anonymous by design… they cede their power to the collective .


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